5 Tips to Styling on a Budget for Work

Styling for Work I feel your pain! You want to look like a million bucks for work, but you don’t have a million bucks. Here are some tips to maximizing your wardrobe without dropping big bucks and burning holes through your pockets. Choose a few statement or favorite pieces – With those, you can make a combination of outfits without having to buy brand new individual styles. Click through the slideshow below:

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a. Stick to basic and neutral colors and patterns. When creating combinations, you will come across wearing some pieces more than once. In that case, you will want to attract attention because you look dashing and stylish, not because everyone notices you’ve worn something twice within the past week or two.

b. You can never have too many accessories. Having a variety of accessories can drastically change or improve the look of your outfit. No matter how many times you’ve worn a combination, switching up the accessories will bring a lively new feel to it.

Dressing Up & Down – Casual friday at work? Simply switch the style of shoes and go with a less showy accessory: Styling for Work 6Quality not Quantity –  Invest in quality! Sometime you’ve got to take the L  and spend a little bit more cash on an item that will last you a long time rather than buying cheap items that you’ll have to replace often. Re-buying cheaper quality items adds up, usually summing to more than the expensive piece.

Shop Your Closet – You’ll be surprised at how much you can get out of your already existing clothes. Search through your closet for hidden pieces you haven’t worn in a long time. Match those pieces with your new accessories, shoes, etc and you’re set to go!

Leave a comment below for more wardrobe combos you’d like to see!


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