NYFW Big Hair

Being natural doesn’t have to be a disaster. Take advantage of your hair’s versatility during Fashion Week to showcase how beautiful it is! NYFW is the perfect excuse to let your hair down (or up and out in our case) and just let it be big and bold.

NYFW Big Hair 2

What I used:

Step 1. After you have washed, conditioned, and detangled your hair using the DV-1 brush, manually pick out small sections of hair to create small string bean like double strand twists.

Step 2. Dab on a small amount of the gel and work it from root to tip.

Step 3. Twist and let dry overnight.

Step 4. Massage hair serum between your fingers before unbraiding, the serum will eliminate as much frizz as possible resulting in a sleek smooth look.

Step 5. Separate each twist into 3 or more sections depending on how voluminous you want the hair.

For a better stretched twist out result, allow twists to remain in hair for at least 3 days prior to unbraiding. This gives the gel enough time to completely dry and set in the hair and a lot less greasiness.
For a thicker puffier look, you can either take out the next day or allow your hair to naturally fluff out throughout the week after waiting to take the braids apart.

NYFW Big Hair 3

Happy hair = Happy girl

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